Why I Started My Own Blog

Hi Guys!

I’m kind of intimidated (albeit weird considering I’m also the co-author of eastwestmusings.com & almostwonderwoman.com). But, this is the first blog post on 21 C’s Street, and I want to talk more about why I’m here (*gosh Kavi, no one wants to know so much about you.*) <– This might most likely be accurate, but I don’t want to add substance to this blog without giving any background.

If you’re a little bored, skip over to the more interesting blog posts ahead! I’ll only be a little mad, promise ;).

I’m Kavi, a Sri Lankan, sister, daughter, graduate (undergrad), writer, blogger (now!), content manager, digital media guru wanna be, self-declared chef and a funny girl at heart with a love for HIIT. Most importantly, I am a lover of all things writing and reading.

I’ve been a reader of all things from Chicken Soup for the Soul to Reader’s Digest and Urban Fantasy Romance since I was a wee chub and this extended across to writing, as well. If you go through my really old laptop I used to own as a child, I had the ambition to be an author and started so many novels. Clearly, these didn’t go so far because they’re still on god knows what hard drive.

I started my first blog with my cousin (eastwestmusings.com) about two years ago and I loved the feeling of writing. Writing to my heart’s content and giving readers something to take away. I never started the blog in the hopes that it will take off massively with a large following and what not. I just wanted to occupy a small space in the blogging category and focus on putting out the things I know to people who might find it useful. And that is exactly why I created 21 C’s Street: for it to be a portfolio of my writing and along the way help out anyone who finds my content interesting. Writing has always been an outlet to let it go. To write is such a joy, it’s all-consuming to draft all my feelings, my hopes, my fears, and experiences.

I don’t want to narrow down my blog because it will always be a work in progress. It’ll shape itself as I proceed to write for 21 C’s Street, and I’m so excited to start!

Here’s to a blogging adventure for years to come!

With all my love,


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