The One Thing About Happiness We Forget

Every time I go through a bad period, I religiously read Instagram quotes on happiness and how everything will be alright. To me, at least, that doesn’t squelch the nagging feeling in my head, the dread sinking at my heart, or the cold abyss we throw ourselves in. It doesn’t help me feel any less lost.  So,  after years of moping around, I finally found the light at the end of the tunnel, and I decided to tackle a question heavily debated on, “what is happiness?” I found my answer (albeit ironically) on a Pinterest board: “Happiness is the hope of something better.”

We certainly inject truth to the statement of “grass is greener on the other side.” We live in a world of dreaded uncertainty, pessimism, jealousy, and sometimes, and unhealthy work life balance (been there, done that). Yet, what keeps us going should be the hope and faith of something better and us working towards it. We can’t be happy every hour of every day and if you didn’t read the agenda, we’re only human, and feeling less than happy is more normal than feeling happy.

A bad event, day, or something should not make you feel like you’re leading a bad life. I can name countless things that should be/currently upsetting me. Yet, I can also think, “so, what? Moping around won’t get me anywhere.” Instead, embrace the joy of the future and work towards it. That, to me, is happiness; knowing you’re progressing from a rut and working towards a better goal and not necessarily having achieved that goal. While it’s all exciting to have reached a goal you’ve been working towards, don’t forget to be happy about progressing toward the goal; the fact that you’re moving albeit it may be baby steps. This doesn’t mean you don’t get to reflect (as you mope), but it is a simple thought of realizing where you are and working towards being better or changing for the better.

To put things into context, a prime example is the start of this blog. I love reading thought-provoking subjects on countless websites and dreamt (whilst being a writer for other blogs), about starting my own. I pushed it aside for the longest time because of time commitments and the fear that nothing would come out of it. Today, as I write this, I’m thinking, “so, what?” I wouldn’t know if I didn’t have the hope and ambition to see the success of this blog. Working towards a goal, no matter where you are can give a tremendous amount of tranquillity (in the happiest of ways) because you know you’re working on yourself.

We will never be perfectly happy with life, but it is the comprehension that your happiness is plateauing and the hope and faith that what you’re working towards that can change your state of mind. Unhappy at work? How about looking for open positions in the same company that could capture your attention? Or, perhaps sending out your resume, or launching that side hustle business you’ve been thinking about? Whatever it may be, be excited about the future. All the possibilities laid out for us, and the faith that your efforts are continuing to mold you to the best you can be can give such a feeling of joy if you let yourself feel it.

As with my other thought provoking posts, I’m not a life coach, nor do I have any fancy titles that give me the authority to dish out advice on life. This is simply my opinion and what has worked for me. As with all things I write, I hope it can change the mind of another along the way!

Until my next post.

With all my love,


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